How to generate new ideas for concept art & finalize the concept?


How to generate new ideas for concept art & finalize the concept?

Discover skilled & professional methods for developing new ideas for character designs that work in the gaming industry.

We, at Inkcadre are skilled in character design & concept art for gaming and all other fields in which you need us for. Whenever we are asked to design a character for game, manga, storytelling or for any other environment in “our own style”. We are very sure that, this would give us an opportunity to really push ourselves to go crazy with the artwork. We moreover need to make sure that the character we design could be used in not only in gaming environment but wherever you like to see it. Because the character that we create it’s just not a comic art or gaming character. It is the real deal for us as we put our heart and soul to create it.

As we are talking about gaming character and its design let me brief you a little about it. We make sure that character we create supports the gaming function and is totally live in the whole game environment. Also the technical gaming artist would be able to rebuild the design of character with the game engine restrictions. Our character design artist makes characters that you will like in first sight of it.

We usually divide these stages into various different steps.

Here are few steps which could help you to develop a great concept art.

1) Understand the brief for the work
2) Explore the sources of inspiration
3) Clearly define the role for the character
4) Time to work on the concept sketch
5) Be prepared to push an idea
6) Pick few of the strong sketches
7) Finalize the sketches
8) Start coloring.

We are transforming one’s opinions into reality with our game designing and concept art creation. A pleasing concept art & unique design with thoughtfulness and creativity will take you towards success with enhancement of a great concept.

By following the above mentioned steps, we have achieved a lot in Gaming and Design industry. We are sure if you try the same you would do wonders. As when it comes to do concept art, practice makes it more perfect and creativity will light up your character.

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