Inkcadre Technosoft

About The Company

Who can stop creativity from flowing? No one. That’s what InkCadre started out with. Loads of ideas in head and lots of passionate zeal to give the world a benefit of that; we started off with the usual stuff that a design studio does, and we’re now accomplishing everything that is related to design. 1100x800_2
So far our clients have never had to complain and we’re still tip toeing on our heels to make them happy. Not only that, our team is what we are and so keeping them highly motivated and happy to work is the balancing act to achieve true and good results. Yes, happy clients and happy staff makes up happy designs.1100x800_1
Growth is a curve that goes higher as each of your happy client smiles and as each of our team member espouses their faith in us. That the two meet, it’s a profusion of happy colors on the contours of InkCadre.