Snatcher Alien (iso-android) Game


Snatcher Alien (iso-android) Game

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Snatcher Alien- The Invasion Prepare yourself for an alien attack. Crazy Aliens come to the earth for snatch things like food, vegetables,
animals, energy. Sound Crazy, but it’s true. We need to save the earth from aliens.Inkcadre presents the
Snatcher Alien- The invasion where we have Added 50+ challenging Different Level. Reach the target score or beat it to achieve 3 stars.
Unlock more level for special power-ups. We simply make the Difficult Levels with the best quality graphics here
Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.38.58 PM  Awesome Features:
With more than 50+ challenging Different levels!
Special Objects that will help you on this adventure!
More than 130+ stars to unlock!
A Special Survivor mode to compete with your friends!
Auto save game progressBest Quality GraphicsScreen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.36.48 PM

.Special power-ups:
The Joker- It will help you to continue your combo with any object!
The Refresher- it will change your Pop-ups color to a unique color to help you!
The megico- it will pop all the object of the same category
The Snail- it will make time run slower.
 Game Instruction

1) Objects will fly and we have to pop Objects of the same shape and color as much as we can.
2) Try to pop 10 or more Objects with the same color to generate awesome combos!
3) We can drag them from the hook to organize them and save them for an Alien!
4) Log in to Facebook to keep your experience and show your friends how awesome you are!

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